Reporting an Incident

Emergency Situations

Call 313-993-1234 to report criminal activity requiring immediate police response. The Department of Public Safety takes illegal activity very seriously. When calling, inform us of the severity of the situation so that we can appropriately respond. If you are reporting an ongoing situation or following up on a report filed with the Department of Public Safety, you can contact Sergeant G. Soviak in the Investigations Division at 313-993-1234 or

Anonymous crime tips

The Detroit Mercy Department of Public Safety takes illegal activity very seriously. You can assist us by anonymously reporting criminal activity to the Department of Public Safety at or by calling one of the following numbers:

Non-University phone (e.g. cell phone) - 313-993-1234

McNichols Campus phone - 1-2-3

Corktown Campus (Dentistry) - 313-494-6706

Riverfront Campus (Law) - 313-993-1234

Dental Clinic at Detroit Medical Center

All incidents and emergencies occurring in the Detroit Mercy Dental Clinic located inside the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Hospital, should first contact Hospital Security at 313-745-3325.

Non-emergency Situations

For general, non-emergency concerns, contact the Department of Public Safety at 313-993-1234 or See location and office contact information as well.

Reporting other problems

Reporting all injuries, accidents and serious illnesses that happen at Detroit Mercy is important. These reports allow the University to target unsafe situations and prevent future injury or illness.

Supervisors, please ensure that all employee accidents are reported in your department. Supervisors may report accidents by completing the form provided here for minor accidents. When completed, send it to the following:

Report potential hazards

A potential hazard is when an accident could have occurred, but for some reason, such as an employee catching her fall, the injury was avoided. Near misses and other potential hazards can be reported in a brief email message to Reporting a near miss is just as important as reporting an actual incident. Early attention to a potential hazard enables the University to work at preventing future injury and loss.


You should report any illness that appears serious, such as a person passing out or someone who is violently ill. It is not necessary to fill out the report for minor illnesses, such as the flu or a cold.

Accident/illness report forms

If you are unable to download the accident report, or if you are unsure of whether Public Safety should be called, feel free to call us at 313-993-1234. An officer will take the accident report (to be completed by immediate supervisor or Public Safety Officer).

Student of Concern

The overall goal of the Students of Concern/Crisis Prevention Plan is to promote a safe University environment for all students and staff focused on student learning and student development. By encouraging all members of the campus community to report behaviors that are concerning, the SCC will be able to reach out to students to intervene, provide support and connect them with resources that can assist them. As such, the SCC asks that the university community report concerning, “red flag” behaviors. See the Student of Concern page for more information.