Photography Contest 2023

Focus on Photography: Share Your Vision of the World in the 2023 UDM Photography Contest!

Photography offers a mode of creative communication as well as a lens into the communities we inhabit and visit. Photographs can capture a range of moments and expressions, people, places, and events. As such, the Office of Academic Affairs and Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning would like to invite all University of Detroit Mercy community members to submit digital photographs for consideration as part of a special 2023 photography contest.

The contest is open to faculty, staff, students, and administrators to celebrate and display our unique world views. You can submit photographs in the categories listed below (one entry per category). First-place winners in each category will receive cash prizes and an enlarged, mounted copy of their winning photographs.

There is still time to capture those moments for your submission for the first annual University of Detroit Mercy 2023 photography contest!

Submission Deadline
Sunday November 5, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

Categories for Submissions Include:

Abstract Conceptual: Images of unusual patterns, lighting, or objects recognized for their design element (i.e., streaking light photos, mechanical structures, reflections in glass or metal, and etc.)*
People: Photos of people, alone or in a group. Such pictures may be candid, humorous, journalistic, or interpretative portraits where an emphasis is placed on the person - not the environment.*
Nature/Scenic: Images or scenes of animal life, plant life, wild creatures, insects, landscapes, seascapes, underwater, architectural, industrial scenes, seasonal scenes, and more.*
After Dusk to Dawn: Details the photographic imagery captured after the sun goes down. This includes but is not limited to starry skies, life under neon lights, streaking traffic lights, etc.*
Digital Creation/Manipulation: Images can be digitally enhanced or altered to create an entirely different photograph. Removed images, inserted images, and cloned images may be used to create a different picture.

*Image enhancement in these submissions must be limited to minor adjustments (contrast, exposure, cropping, HDR, dodge, and burn) are appropriate.

Submission Form

Photography Contest Details and Rules

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